Being a tennis player involves a number of fitness training that you have to go through so you can be strong and fit during the match. Every player needs to undergo a training regimen that should include an encompassing fitness exercise that can provide him the preparation he needs for a strong game. A fitness training can also provide the player with the exercises that can help him improve his game. Apart from the training, any player should strictly follow a proper diet that can effectively give him the vitamins and nutrients that his body needs during the training, before, during and after the game.

Tennis players are required to be on their best shape when it comes to strength, coordination, flexibility, fitness, and mental ability. Here are some fitness training aspects that you should practice prior to doing the fitness exercises.

Perform short burst exercises such as jumping, moving your arms, or swinging. This will serve as your warm up.
Take a quick jog forwards and backwards to warm your body.
Take a short recovery between each scoring point.
Take adequate rest during rallies because once the rally stops in a tennis match, you must not lose concentration.

These steps can help improve your blood circulation, improve your strength and power of your body. These can also help you avoid any injury during the game.

Tennis players can also practice the following exercises as preparation for the game:

Lateral band walk with external rotation. This fitness training needs a mini band strapped around your ankle. You need to hold a piece of Thira-Band palms up. Keep your elbows at a side while rotating your arms externally creating a moment (tension) through Thira-band. Maintaining this position, you step a head while keeping your feet straight in an athletic way. You have to repeat two sets of this exercise of about 10-15 yard moving in both directions.

Bench split squats. As the name implies, you need a bench where you can place one foot on top of it, while the other foot must be in a split squat position. You can squat your body down on one leg, while the weight of your body or the dumbbells in the other hand. Remember that the weight of your body must be on your heels, shoulders back, chest up, and abdominals. It is important that you maintain a perfect position through the spine and throughout the movement.

Single leg balance with external rotation. You need to balance your body on one foot while standing on a foam pad. Using your opposite arm, you can perform full external shoulder rotation in 90/90 position with a piece of tube. You must focus on stabilization of your moving shoulder with scapular muscles.

Stamina building exercises. Every good player needs a good amount of stamina as it can help him endure the challenges of the game. Stamina building exercises include daily jogging and other cardio workout. Jogging allows the player to gain more power and to gain more muscles, increase the body’s metabolism, thus removing excess fat from your body.

Interval exercises. A rally exercise is an important tennis exercise as it allows him to be mentally relaxed and it gives him the chance to refresh himself. A rally is a break of small intervals of 10-15 seconds every time a player makes a score.

Speed exercises. Agility and speed are the two other important skills that every player should have during the match. By building good amount of stamina and by continuous practice and play, the player will eventually improve his pace and create strategies on how he can further improve his game.

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