Racket Restringing in Surrey

Professionally restrung, back to feeling as good as new...

Spelthorne Community Tennis Centre

If you’re looking for racket restringing in Surrey, you’re in luck. Tennis Spelthorne provide a professional tennis racket restringing service throughout Middlesex, Surrey and the rest of South-East UK.

Whether you need a high-performance string with extra comfort and durability or a good all round string to refresh your string tension, we can arrange for your tennis or squash racket (or racquet, depending on your preference!) to be professionally restrung so it’s back feeling as good as new.

We can also replace your rackets worn out grommet strips and bumper guard or enlarge your tennis or squash racquet grip if it’s too small.

As well as using a state-of-the-art electronic stringing machine for unrivaled accuracy and consistency we offer the following in our racket restringing in Surrey:

  • A range of quality tennis strings for all budgets, from high-tech synthetic string with a sensational feel, to versatile Nylon string
  • If there is a specific string you prefer, let us know and we will order the same day
  • Tension testing equipment as used at the Wimbledon Championships
  • All restrings turned around within 48-hours (subject to grommet or preferred string requests)
  • Tennis or squash rackets needed within a very short-time frame may be carried out depending on the time available if we can do it there and then, we will!

To find out more, or to book our specialist racquet restringing service close to Ashford and Staines, simply get in touch.