Professional tennis players play almost all year round, as they participate in tournaments and matches, thus, making them one of the most hardworking athletes out there. Spectators from all over the world anticipate tennis tournaments as special events that allow them to admire the players they like from the court. However, tennis is a physical activity that requires extreme care and rigid training. A fitness training should be in place to ensure that the player is ready for the competitive game and also to prevent himself from incurring injury. Tennis injuries can happen across all levels—whether for professional or recreational players.

Any injury can pose danger to a player’s overall performance. One of the main causes of injuries is the inability of a part of the body to withstand the demands placed on it. This is usually caused by lack of training or excessive training. One of the most common injuries is the Tennis Elbow which is experienced by amateur players which is usually caused by improper technique or equipment. These things can be learned over time through continuous guidance and practice.

Here are some of the best tips on how to prevent injuries during the matches:

  1. Get a racquet that has the correct grip size and string tension. It can help you minimize the stress that is placed on your elbow and shoulder. You also need to get a pair of shoes that will fit you right and will make you comfortable during the match. Your shoes should have a sole that is designed for clay courts or hard court. Above anything else, you should choose shoes that will be able to protect your entire feet.
  1. Being your warm up with jogging then engage in sport specific movements that can help you warm your body before the match. This can include back runs, side and forward steps. You can also start with stretches for about 30 seconds and do 2-3 repetitions. But you have to be careful that stretching will not cause you pain.
  1. You can already hit tennis balls inside the service boxes so you can already build racquet head speed and get control. This is also in preparation for hitting with longer swings from the baseline.
  1. You need to engage in strength training that involves the shoulder so you can prevent injuries such as tennis or golfer’s elbow. You also need to build strength for your legs so you can improve your strokes. Increase your racquet head speed during the tennis serve. You can also use core strengthening exercises that can give you link in the chain between the lower and upper body while doing all tennis strokes. These exercises should be more focused on abdominals, lower back and hip musculature. You also need to be careful with your trunk rotations.
  1. You need to work on your footwork because this is one of the most important elements in tennis. By having a good footwork skills, you can properly hit the ball in the right position while recovering for the next shot. This will also help you improve your speed and agility drills because it is necessary to be careful while changing direction and in observing the reaction time. These exercises should be performed with short duration rest breaks of 10-20 seconds so you can simulate the actual match.
  1. You need to prevent from hitting the ball late so your arm will not be stressed by swinging back the racquet early. You need to be more conscious of our grip technique and position so you avoid any stress in your arm.
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