Looking for a heart-pumping cardio workout combined with all the fun of playing tennis?

Come and try Tennis Spelthorne brilliant Cardio Tennis in Surrey!

Our highly skilled qualified tennis coaches promise an exhilarating, calorie-busting workout and a half with our popular cardio tennis classes.

If you’ve never played tennis before, Cardio Tennis is a great introduction to the game. For experienced players, Cardio Tennis offers an intense full-body training class  although naturally, we ramp it up a little to match your ability!

Cardio Tennis in Surrey Show me the benefits!

Our Cardio Tennis sessions are set to music and comprise six to eight players on the court at a time. As well as lots of fun with agility ladders and transition balls (designed to give you ample time to prepare your shot).

There are lots of fab benefits to our Cardio Tennis classes, here’s just a few:

  • Cardio tennis sessions are really fun making it easy to raise your heart rate to a level that’s effective at achieving your fitness/weight loss goals
  • You burn calories much more effectively compared to other workouts or playing regular tennis we’ve had participants burn up to 1,300 calories in one session!
  • Cardio tennis is a really social and entertaining class where participants of all abilities can train together
  • You play outdoors, a much more interesting environment than the gym!
  • All our coaches are professionally qualified, highly trained tennis coaches so you’re always in safe hands.

Fancy getting fit, having fun and improving your tennis get in touch now.


Yes we do we’re 100% sure you’ll really enjoy it too!

Yes, we bring everything you need for the session, just book and turn up.

Yes you can, we even take music requests for future sessions!

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