Are you looking for Tots Tennis? Does your little one love hitting a ball around? Ever thought you may have a mini-Murray or a wee Williams on your hands?

Tennis Spelthorne offers a range of carefully designed children’s tennis classes throughout Surrey, Middlesex, and Buckinghamshire for kids aged between two and a half and five.

Whether your little one has some tennis experience, or simply loves batting a ball around the garden, our highly skilled coaches offer unique, fun tots tennis classes for young children of all abilities.

Our tots tennis classes are great fun, 100% interactive and ideal for helping children learn about and enjoy the game. Sessions are set in an exciting social environment and include a variety of activities to develop core tennis skills – such as movement, balance and agility – as well as racket and ball skills.

Each child is rewarded with a sticker at the end of the class and there is the opportunity to gain a personalised certificate.


Two and a half is the perfect time to pick up a racquet! As well as brilliant fun, our tennis classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers are ideal for building confidence, self-esteem and social skills.
All our tennis classes for tots are led by qualified, professional tennis coaches who are fully trained and have wide experience of working with young children. To ensure children get the most out of their tennis class and receive maximum attention we also work on a low coach to pupil ratio during the session

No we provide everything for your mini-me’s tennis session, including smaller racquets and nets and low compression balls. Just bring the juice!

Tennis Focus Academy deliver educational tennis programmes to a large number of nurseries and schools throughout Surrey, Middlesex and beyond. You can find out more about our nursery tennis programmes here.

We hold tennis classes for young children at a variety of locations, including Meadhurst, Sunbury, Surrey and Fordbridge Park, Ashford, Middlesex.

Want to know more about our brilliant tots’ tennis lessons, why not bring your little one for a free session? Just get in touch below.

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