One of the most exciting games to watch on TV is Tennis. Professional players have established a strong fan base from all over the world. Thanks to their fit bodies, amazing strokes, and strategic stances. But the truth is every player goes through a rigorous training to make sure his body is ready for the game, he follows a strict diet, and above all, he started by learning how to play the game before getting good at it. If you have plans of being a pro player one day, you can start studying the basics of the game.

The basic fundamentals of tennis can help you build a first level foundation for the rules of the game. It is important to note too that the correct basics should be reinforced repeatedly so you will be able to practice it during the actual game.

The physical fundamentals of tennis can be broken down into the following components:

  1. This includes the racket, strings, and shoes.
  2. These are the techniques that you need in striking the ball.
  3. This is the proper and best movement during the game.
  4. Physical fitness. You need agility, strength, flexibility and stamina to be able to play the game successfully.


One of the most important elements of playing tennis is choosing the right equipment to use. Selecting the best racket will totally make a difference. Heavier and stiffer rackets can give your strike more power while the smaller ones can give you more control. You can also choose the strings that you want to use whether it is the natural or synthetic gut. The natural gut is more expensive but it is more elastic and it can retain the tension better, while synthetic gut is more affordable and requires less maintenance. You can also choose the textured string which can provide more control, more bite on the ball, and a better spin. You also need to choose the right shoes that you are most comfortable with. Your shoes should be able to provide you with the support you need for lateral movements.


There are two types of groundstroke: The forehand and the backhand. You can do the forehand stroke by waiting for the ball by standing on the baseline facing the net. Take the racket back while pivoting your hips and turning your shoulders. You swing for the ball with a relaxed arm and loose wrist. You have to hit the ball out in front. Backhand groundstroke is done by loading your weight on the back foot. Just like in the forehand stroke, swing for the ball with a relaxed arm and loose wrist while hitting the ball in front, while transferring your body weight from back foot to front foot as you do the shot.


One of the most crucial skills you need in executing any kind of stroke is maintaining a proper balance. This can be achieved if you have the right footwork skills. You need to make small adjustment steps as you prepare for your shots. Achieving impressive footwork skills can help you improve your game.


Just like in any sports, tennis requires you to have a fit body that can endure the challenge in the court. The least you want to acquire is an injury because of lack of preparation or because of a body that is not ready for the game. You also need to focus on key areas such as flexibility, speed, agility, stamina, eyesight, reaction time, and coordination.

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